Timeless: Awaken Online

Price: $6.99
(as of Nov 17, 2023 19:15:57 UTC – Details)

A world in ruins. A bleak future. A last chance at salvation.

The world of Awaken Online has been transformed. Gloria Bastion’s attempt to destroy the game world failed, yet she unleashed a power that has brought the former avatars forward in time. And accompanying them are their cities and armies. Creatures, warriors, and mages from a time when the game world was fresh and new…but also more savage and unrelenting.

Our heroes now face a bleak situation. They have nowhere to go, their cities and people are under attack, and they face an army of angry travelers—the very same people who came to watch the end of the game world. Needless to say, things are looking bad….

That is, until a new character emerges. Arcadia Landrey—the earth avatar. Her account has just been unfrozen, and with that comes an opportunity. One she poses to none other than Jason.

Their future might look dire.

But perhaps redemption can be found in the past….