The Easiest Way to Learn Astrology—EVER!!: A revolutionary way to actually LEARN astrology, and STOP RELYING on astrology books for answers (Aphrodite’s Book of Secrets)

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have x-ray vision? What if you could see through anyone, or any “thing,” circumstance, environment, politician, or corporation? How much more money could you make by knowing the right opportunities for you? Even better, how much could you save by instantly knowing when someone is lying to you, or instinctively knowing what motivates them? What if you knew someone’s character and personality even before you met them? You can already do this by the way, you just don’t know how (yet). But that’s why I still have a job.

You see, I am a professional astrological teacher (I teach professional astrologers), and astrology is a way of measuring energy. Conveniently enough, everything on earth is made of energy—so that works out nicely.

But why this book?This step-by-step guide to enhanced awareness makes learning astrology easy:No more memorization or arcane terminology! Just observe and learn organicallyYou learn astrology like you learned your first language. We start with simple concepts you see in everyday life and we examine them together. In every chapter we add to what you knowThere are HUNDREDS of illustrations, not to mention easy quizzes and tons of real-life examplesThe whole thing is an activity book (for adults). After all, why should kids have all the fun?You get expert instruction to make sure you are really absorbing this informationAll of the answers are in the back of the book in case you want to peekOnce you know the basic structure of a thing, you know what it wants or needs in order to work—this is true of people by the way.Too many books make this process overly complicated, or worse: they don’t even try to teach you astrology. They make you reliant on buying more and more (and more) books filled with generic, but upbeat-sounding astrological platitudes

How many astrology books have you already bought? Aren’t you tired of buying astrology books that say the same things, but with different pictures? Too many books make you dependent on constantly going back to reference information about some planet, sign, or aspect. They make you dependent on reading someone else’s opinion. Still other books are so complicated that they are too hard to get through. That ends here. This book will TEACH you how astrology works in fun, exciting ways, so you can use it in your everyday life. And it comes with complete support.

Stop trying to memorize astro-gobbledegook and what planet/sign/house/aspect combination is most compatible with some other planet/sign-whatever. You are just rotting your brain trying to learn astro-gibberish that does nothing to help you translate astrology into daily life. Besides, no one in the real world uses nonsense words like diurnal, quadruplicities, and quincunx. At least no one who has any friends.

It’s time for an easier way to learn astrology, so you can be the two-eyed person in the valley of the blind (willfully ignorant, but the metaphor works). Whether you want to “know thyself” and experience true serenity by understanding your inner drives and desires, or you want to “win friends and influence people” by using your secret astrological knowledge of how people think, this book will help you do exactly that.

Astrology doesn’t replace what you have spent your life learning. It adds to it, making you smarter and more effective. Knowing astrology is like having x-ray vision, and that makes every aspect of life easier and more fun. This unique book takes you by the hand and gently introduces you to the world of astrology by teaching you from the ground up, rather than throwing a bunch of complicated words and terminology at you.

From the Publisher

Find Your Purpose by Finding Your “Self”

woman reading a book with astrological chart overlaywoman reading a book with astrological chart overlay

Astrology is Nature’s cookbook: It reveals the recipes behind the flavors

Everything in nature has patterns: In structure, character, personality, and form, patterns are everywhere—and they are measurable and predictable. This is why we have science. Science allows us to quantify and calculate shape, form, purpose, and function. We measure what we see, and thus we understand it. This is what we do with astrology. We observe, we measure, we quantify, and we understand. By understanding yourself, you waste less time slavishly pursuing other people’s dreams or expectations of you. You see why you like what you do, and want what fills your heart. Life makes more sense, and you are less easily manipulated by other people. When you understand your friends, your spouse, partner, neighbor—and yes, even your cat (or dog), their behavior becomes less of a mystery and more of a predictable series of events. This is nothing new. We know this through psychology. But astrology is thousands of years older than psychology. It has been carefully researched and analyzed by the brightest minds in history—and over time, old superstitions have been cast off as new science has been implemented. This book makes it all easy to learn, understand, and implement in daily life.

But why THIS book? And how can astrology help YOU?

astrological chart with clock handsastrological chart with clock hands

neon sign light with virgo symbolneon sign light with virgo symbol

masked womanmasked woman

book pages bent like heart with astrological chart overlaybook pages bent like heart with astrological chart overlay

It’s as easy as reading a clock!

Think of astrology as a giant clock in space. Contrary to popular belief, the planets and stars don’t “rain down energy” on you. They are like hands on a giant clock! They simply indicate what time it is (astrologically), or what energies are dominant at any given time. When you look at it (a chart—or sky map) this way, astrology makes scientific sense.

This is exactly how the greatest minds in history deciphered the secrets of financial astrology, medical astrology, electional astrology, structural assessment, personality composition, and more. Great minds like:

Sir Issac NewtonJ.P. MorganPtolemyWilliam LilyGalileo Galilei

. . . and countless others throughout time have investigated astrology and found the value in the enhanced awareness it brings. Astrology does not replace logic. It adds to it. This is one of the greatest secrets of astrology that geniuses have used through history to operate on levels regular humans simply don’t.

And the list just continues (on and on).

Signs are just categories of energy

When it comes right down to it, what we call “signs” (for lack of any better term, really) are simply combinations of components—or building blocks of energy—bundled into an intellectual construct. Just as “a dozen eggs” is a collection of unhatched chickens, signs are convenient labels or terms for any of twelve unique combinations of the following components:


Each “sign” is not a random blob of energy. It is a mathematical expression of a combination of the above components. “Signs” are unique flavors of energy (like ice cream) in the reality spectrum.

By viewing reality through the lens of astrology, everything around you comes into a sharper focus. Things still mean what they did before you had this extra knowledge, but now they just make more sense. This makes them easier to interface with. Less stress, less drama, better results. That’s why astrology has survived over 3,000 years.

See through the masks people put up

One of the biggest problems people have with other people is understanding their true intentions. Miscommunications and deceptions are the leading causes of social unrest, disagreements, relationship problems, and wars.

But what if you could penetrate the veils people wear? What if you could see through to the truth of the matter in any situation? This is what astrology does, and this book lays out, one step at a time, the building blocks of awareness that compose astrology. Each chapter adds a new layer to your understanding of the world around you, allowing you to see the character, structure, form, and intent of everything—and everyone you interact with.

All of this is done with fun, easy to engage with examples, exercises, and illustrations. As you progress, you build on what you have learned in previous chapters. Along the way, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you. You literally see reality unfolding before your eyes.

You will fall in love with knowledge

This book was made to be written in! It has been designed (over twelve years) as an activity book for adults—because why should kids have all the fun?

Presented in a conversational style between you and your teacher, the pages fly by quickly, with hundreds of friendly illustrations, diagrams, and examples. These all present numerous ways for you to easily assimilate this new language we call astrology. Because when it comes down to it, that is exactly what you are doing. You are learning a new language—but in a fun, painless way—one where you don’t have to memorize keywords or fret over grammar, jargon, and arcane terminology. You will learn astrology just like you learn to play a video game: you read some basic instructions and explore as you go. Everything makes sense because everything is based on thousands off years of research, but in this book it has all been presented in such a way that the stress-inducing formulas have been removed. You can do this!

woman examining astrology chart on clipboard over coffeewoman examining astrology chart on clipboard over coffee

Astrology is portable

woman reading her phone in the parkwoman reading her phone in the park

You learn to see the world through the lens of astrology

Each chapter of this book opens your eyes to new layers of reality, by focusing on one aspect of the world around you. As humans, we categorize everything into information boxes, and then we compare those categories to others. This allows us to process vast amounts of information quickly and easily. By focusing exclusively on one method of organizing the world around you per chapter, it becomes easy to see how all of the pieces fit together. This puts you back in control of your own destiny, enhances your confidence, and decision making ability.

girl reading her phone at schoolgirl reading her phone at school

Astrology works on your phone!

You can take it anywhere. Astrology works on your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. You can text or email charts instantly to friends, clients, or study buddies. You don’t need any special tools or equipment to use astrology in your daily life. Because this book teaches you how to think astrologically, you can instantly decipher cryptic meanings from people, and translate what they mean when they say ____, simply by knowing (or glancing at) their chart. Even better, because you have learned how it all works, most times you don’t even need to have (or know) someone’s chart. You can quickly determine from their tone, words, and attitude exactly what kind of energy they are putting out, using astrological categories as a road map for the direction you want your conversation to go.

girl contemplating lifegirl contemplating life

Astrology helps you make sense of the world—even when it doesn’t want to make sense

Astrology isn’t just for the rich and powerful, who can afford expensive consultants and professional analysts. By learning astrology the easy way, your ability to make sense of the seemingly random actions and decisions people make every day will allow you to contemplate how everything in your world fits together and how to get the most from it all. Life can get complicated far too often, and far too easily. Knowing astrology is like having a lattice, or a framework that gently organizes the people, events, and actions in your life. You are always in control of your own decisions, actions, and destiny—but now that you can see how the pieces fit together, you can make sense of the nonsensical. You can sit back and watch as everyone else flitters from this to that, randomly making decisions based on superficial appearances. But you know better. You can study the patterns and find the answers everyone else is looking for. maybe you will help them too.

girl happily looking at the skygirl happily looking at the sky

The true beauty of knowing astrology (inside and out) is that you are free

Your destiny is your own. This is your life, and as much as other people want to live it for you, or try to convince you to live your life how they want you to, your happiness comes from being the person you are inside. You are not supposed to chase after other people’s dreams of what you should be—but look around and ask yourself how many people do. This is why people are miserable. The whole point of understanding yourself, your character, personality, nature, and desires, is to live in harmony with yourself. Astrology gives you a clear view of your genetic disposition, and once you feel the resonance of truth radiate through your soul you will know you have found your life’s truth. This is what life is all about! By taking the time to know yourself you make your life easier, make less mistakes, and know what paths are best for you. How many years of your life can you save simply by not making the mistakes too many others do? This is the goal of this book. To help you do just that.

woman reading her phone in the parkwoman reading her phone in the park

It’s like x-ray vision

girl reading her phone at schoolgirl reading her phone at school

It works on your phone

girl contemplating lifegirl contemplating life

Astrology tackles the deeper meanings of life

girl happily looking at the skygirl happily looking at the sky

Ultimately, it’s about freedom

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