The Art and Science of Hand Reading: Classical Methods for Self-Discovery through Palmistry by Ellen Goldberg (2016-02-06)

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Palmistry is a science and a universal language. The hand tells a story about your talents, relationships, health, and how you feel about yourself. It reveals periods of ease or challenge in your life, and it speaks about your weaknesses and the traits you need to develop. As you change, so do your hands, reflecting the progress you have made.

The Major LinesThe Major Lines

The four finger tip shapesThe four finger tip shapes

The Mounts of the handThe Mounts of the hand

The Major Lines

There are six major lines in the hand: Life, Heart, Head, Saturn, Apollo, and Mercury (fig. 13.1). Of the six major lines, the Life Line, the Head Line, and the Heart Line are considered the big three. Every person’s hand reveals deep insights, but not exactly the same insights for every person. Therefore you will always be able to determine an individual’s leading personality traits, talents, strengths, and weaknesses. It is the lines that will vary most from hand to hand. Because an estimated 95 percent of people have Head, Heart, and Life Lines, the hand will always ­disclose the condition of a person’s mind, emotions, and vitality. Some people will have a Simian Line that unites the qualities of the Head and Heart lines. The character of all lines, and the special signs written upon them, can vary considerably. The appearance of a rare minor line can have a powerful influence on the personality.

Basic Modifiers

Finger Tips:

There is a world of information contained in the fingers. Their shape, length, and relationship to one another have a great influence on the personality. The shape of the fingertips influences how the life force flows into the hand and is therefore a primary influence on the personality of the individual and her approach toward life. Tips show us the lens through which the individual views the world. Personality styles and attitudes toward life are varied. In palmistry we view these styles through the lens of four classifications indicated by fingertip shape: two broad and two tapered. The broad tips are called spatulate and square, and the tapered tips are pointed and conic (fig. 2.35).

The Mounts

The mounts are the pads of flesh that rise up from the palm. There are seven mounts in the hand (fig. 4.1), each with a specific location and each with an array of characteristics that define the individual. The degree of influence of each archetype can be determined by evaluating the archetypes’ order of prominence in the palm. The stronger the mount, the more influential its characteristics. These personality patterns are archetypal. Sometimes there is one primary archetype in a hand. Frequently two archetypes (mounts) are of equal importance, and their characteristics blend in the personality. People derive their personality characteristics, talents, strengths, and weaknesses from their two or three primary mounts. The weakest mount will also contribute important information about the personality. It is crucial to know where a person’s deficiencies lie. Together the strongest and the weakest parts of the hand reveal the unique features of a person’s nature.

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