Tarot Skills Lightworker’s Tarot Deck Cards with Meanings on Them, Keywords, Reversed, Yes and No, Elements, Ultimate Beginner Deck, Includes Online Education for Learning Tarot and More!

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tarot skills easy to read tarot no guidebook neededtarot skills easy to read tarot no guidebook needed

Do you love tarot cards and oracle cards? We create card decks for anyone raising their consciousness, empaths, healers, & psychics.

Modern Images, helpful symbols, easy keywords, and no memorizing!Modern Images, helpful symbols, easy keywords, and no memorizing!

Memorization NOT required: Unique design gives beginners confidence to read without a guidebook.

Quickly spot card meanings: Strategic symbols & keywords give both upright & reverse meanings, Yes/No references, and elements.

Art designed for next-gen users: You & your querent will enjoy a rapid sensory-visual response to the cards.

includes trainingincludes training

master certification in tarot readingsmaster certification in tarot readings

ebook training includedebook training included

includes training and reader score for professional useincludes training and reader score for professional use

Online Training

Easy to digest podcast episodes can be completed in 1 hour!

Master Certification

Earn your Certified Tarot Master to prove your knowledge.

Printable eBook



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Premium quality cardsPremium quality cards

Not only are our decks made with the highest quality controls, they are pre-treated by an Usui Reiki Master to clear energies before shipping to the owner—making them perfectly ready for your unique deck interview!

tarot reading for beginnerstarot reading for beginners

MODERN IMAGERY: This deck combines symbolism found in the traditional Rider–Waite–Smith deck with present-day imagery to cause a rapid sensory-intuition response, so readers and their querents can better resonate with tarot card archetypes.
LIGHTWORKER DESIGN: The deck includes all 7 chakra colors on each card to help the reader connect with those energies and sacred Reiki symbols as “easter eggs” hidden in the design of the card back.
INCLUDES TRAINING: Get access to our online training podcasts to begin reading tarot cards in under one hour without needing a guidebook. We selected the most popular topics and used decades of experience to deliver what you need to know to immediately begin reading cards accurately.
INCLUDES CERTIFIED TAROT MASTER EXAMINATION: Take this exam to prove that you understand the archetypes, symbols, and analytic concepts used in tarot reading. You will be able to prove that you are the “real deal card reader.” This certification includes a frameable certificate.
INCLUDES ONLINE MEMBERSHIP: Community Listing – create your profile and advertise your services with others who are raising their consciousness, empaths, healers, psychics and mediums, mental health workers using tarot with analytic psychology, and those interested in self-discovery using the power of tarot cards.It includes a custom ReaderScore, eBook, and more!
HIGHEST QUALITY: The cards are casino weight quality, linen-finished with clear coating and comes in a shrink wrapped gloss laminate-finish box.
Made in the USA.