PRIME MUSE Korean Secret of The Kingdom Oracle Tarot Cards with Guidebook Set

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We create a whole new tarot card that hasn’t existed before. We offer all types of services designing, producing and selling tarot cards.

But mostly, we are striving to create and promote oriental tarot cards with Korean flavor. We also try our best to study and developing Korean traditional methods of fortune telling.

Prime Muse is a company where a professional author who produces various tarot cards and lots of fortune tellers work together.

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Premium Quality

Prime Muse tarot decks are of the highest quality in terms of card material, edge and finish.

How did we get our start?

We have been studying tarot, astrology, oriental divination, and western divination since 1990, and launched the PRIME MUSE brand in 2020 to design and launch various divination tools.

What makes our products unique?

We develop a Korean (oriental) tarot deck based on our spiritual beliefs.

Why do we love what we do?

Korea has a beautiful culture and historical myths. Prime muse’s K-TAROT is based on it.

TAROT CARD OF KOREA ◆ The Secret of the Kingdom is a Tarot deck with the back-ground of Joseon Dynasty of Korea, a long history of Korea. We can indirectly study the history and experience various cultures of Korea with these cards. You can learn a country’s history indirectly with tarot decks.
BASED ON REAL STORIES ◆ Secret Kingdom cards contains real people, locations, cultures and customs. We were able to draw thousand years of history in Tarot deck but it is far beyond ability to show all the history of Korea. But since it is important to balance the important stories and the role of Tarot deck, we had put a lot of efforts.
PLEASE NOTE ◆ Each card has own numbers on it, so it would not be difficult to find the right explanation from the guidebook. In the background of the cards, there are patterns of ‘Hunminjeongeum’, which was registered as UNESCO Memory of the World. You will be able to experience high quality Tarot Card Deck for sure.
RECOMMEND FOR ◆ As the title indicates, this deck contains secret affairs of the kingdom, so there are many emotional cards such as secret, conspiracy, love, rebellion, and secret love affair. This deck is suitable for those who have been wanted tarot cards of these materials.