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Omnito girlOmnito girl

Discover your inner wisdom with OMNITO tarot cards

Whether you are looking for answers to your questions, guidance on your path, or simply a deeper understanding of yourself, OMNITO tarot cards can help. Order yours today and start your journey of self-discovery

Our deck follows the classic English Tarot system, as developed by Arthur Edward Waite

Features of the approach

Originates from the Order of the Golden Dawn and the occultist Mathers and continues with Waite and Paul Foster Case. Of course, the most famous and popular deck created using this system is the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

The very first and most important difference between the Rider-Waite deck and others is the presence of drawn minor arcana, starting with Waite and Pamela Smith, the minor arcana are not just schematically depicted cups, wands, swords, pentacles, but entire plots, with faces, with displays of actions people in the pictures and their emotions. Thanks to this deck, the Tarot became publicly available. You can work with such cards in two ways, build your own associative series based on the images on the cards or in interpretations, rely on the deep Kabbalistic and astrological symbolism of the Order of the Golden Dawn, despite its external simplicity, the deck is very deep and symbolic.

Tarot card the FoolTarot card the Fool

Tarot card StrengthTarot card Strength

Tarot card the Hanged ManTarot card the Hanged Man

Tarot card the Fool

In the English school of Tarot, the Fool is traditionally given the number zero and opens the deck, signifying its role as the beginning and end of the journey.

Tarot card Strength

Waite also assigns new astrological correspondences to the cards and, as a result, swaps the Arcana of Strength and Justice. Now Justice is number 11 and Strength is number 8.

Tarot card the Hanged Man

In the Hanged Man card, a person is suspended by his right leg, unlike the Marseille deck, this suggests that the person sacrificed himself and was not a victim of circumstances.

Deck for everyone who wants to explore the magic of tarot


Considering that the deck was created for the general public, there are especially no rituals specifically for this deck. You can use it at any time, take it out with a comfortable hand, there are no restrictions on the number of questions.

Waite perceives the Tarot as a coherent system, in many ways similar in its principles to astrological forecasts. His description of the system is based on the astrological correspondence of the meanings of the cards. He approaches the Tarot phenomenon more as a scientist and psychologist, so in his system there are no specific attributes, such as pulling out cards with a certain hand.


Tarot card backTarot card back

Tarot card Queen of PentaclesTarot card Queen of Pentacles

Tarot card King of SwordsTarot card King of Swords

Unique back design

Our tarot cards have a unique back design that is both visually appealing and practical. The design is symmetrical and features a pattern that is common to all of the cards in the deck, making it easy to keep the cards in order.

Glossy finish

Our tarot cards have a glossy finish for easy shuffling, making it a breeze to riffle through the deck and find the card you need. This is especially helpful for beginners who may be struggling to learn how to shuffle tarot cards.

Thick cardboard

Our tarot cards are made of thick cardboard, making them durable and long-lasting. This is important for tarot cards, as they are often used frequently and can be subject to wear and tear.

Tarot bookTarot book

Comprehensive Online Guidebook to Tarot Reading

Scan the QR code on our social media to download the free guidebook to tarot reading.

👁️ Portable Spirituality: Slip these tiny tarot cards into your pocket or purse. They’re perfect for travelers, commuters, or anyone seeking immediate spiritual wisdom.
👌🏼 Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with care, these mini cards maintain the integrity of traditional tarot symbolism. Despite their size, they offer profound divinatory experiences.
🎓 Beginner-Friendly: Whether you’re new to tarot or a seasoned reader, our Mini Tarot Card Deck is easy to use. It’s a must-have tool for both novices and experts.
🎁 Unique Gift: Give the gift of guidance. These tiny tarot cards make a thoughtful and unique present for friends and loved ones who appreciate spiritual insight.
🪐 Complete Online-Guide: download our comprehensive guidebook to help you interpret the cards and deepen your understanding of tarot.
👍🏼 A Suitable Alternative to the Classic Rider Waite Tarot Deck