mrdiyshisha Happy Tarot, A Whimsical and Fun Tarot Deck Including 78 Cute Cards, Standard Size (4.75″ x 2.75″)

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Each card has a narrow sandy coloured border around each picture.There is a fine white lacy frill at the top and bottom of each image, and the numbers and symbols on each card are in an innocuous tan. The design on the back, clouds,trees,stars, candy, a big eyed moon or perhaps a peppermint, is fully reversible. The packaging is a lightweight cardboard box with scenes from the deck on all sides. It protects the cards well enough, but will not withstand heavy handling or rough treatment.
【HAPPY TAROT】Happiness can change the world. With its bold colors and absolutely fresh art style, this deck makes NOW the perfect moment for exploring your very own spirit of happiness. Featuring a plethora of honest smiles, sunshine, and optimistic characters, Happy Tarot is destined to change your life for the better.
【CUTE IMAGES】The world of the Happy Tarot is gently humorous with with great attention paid to charming details. The countryside in which the inhabitants reside is a mouthwatering confection of children’s sweets and favourite desserts. Mountains are topped with sweet sauces and giant cherries, a confetti of sprinkles, candy, lollipops, and ice creams and frozen treats lie on the ground; fairy floss trees and flowers made from boiled sweets sprout in gardens and rural scenes.
【VIVIDLY COLORS】While the Major Arcana embraces the full rainbow of colours, the suit of Cups is dominated by greens, Pentacles are predominantly shades of golden tan and apricot, Wands are dominated by sugary candy pinks, and Swords are primarily muted mauves and greys the colour of stormy skies. The artist’s style is reminiscent of children’s picture books, innocent, sweet, charming, guileless and really cute.
【MINOR ARCANA SUITS】The suits are denoted by sugary goodies: Cups are ice cream sundaes, Pentacles are cookies and macaroons, Wands are depicted by popsicle sticks, lollipops, chocolate curls, and marshmallows on sticks; and Swords are shown as children’s wooden toy swords. The inhabitants of Happy Tarot world are a cheery lot, although an occasional sad face creeps in to the appropriate cards. They are of that curious species – children or childlike people, at least in appearance, yet engaged in adult activities.
【STANDARD SIZE】The Happy Tarot is a 78 card deck. The 22 card Major Arcana the standard RWS ordering; the cards have no titles, only Roman numerals. The 56 card Minor Arcana are Cups, Pentacles,Wands, and Swords; and the court cards are King, Queen, Knight, and Page. The suits are indicated by symbols at the top of the cards, and the Courts are indicated by symbols at the bottom of the cards. The deck measures 70 x 120 mm which is a standard size.
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