Fapeto more than a simple name Bundles Tarot and Oracles, Cards Decks for Fortune Telling & Chakras (Abyss Tarot)

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Like all other experiences, tarot readings begin as void and formless as the abyss. From a state of black chaos to a well-organized, enlightened universe, we progress as we grow and deepen our relationship with the cards.
Ana Tourian has crafted a gorgeously nuanced tarot deck to reflect the soul’s journey through the cosmos in both the Major and Minor Arcana.
Includes 148-page instruction manual and an 80-card deck with two substitute cards.
Art director, illustrator, and artist Ana Tourian all work together. She was called back to sculpture and illustration after years of working in a creative firm. She is the designer of a number of highly regarded tarot and oracle decks. Tarot is Ana’s favorite game, and she has been studying the cards for more than 20 years.
Size 80 cards, 2.75”x 4.75”

This Tarot Set Includes:
✔Chakras LavaStone Bracelet
✔Fapeto More Than A Simple Name Altar Tarot Cloth
✔Fapeto More Than A Simple Name Random Color Velvet Drawstring Bag
✔Tarot or Oracles Deck (Selected).

★ Fapeto More Than A Simple Name – Altar Tarot Cloth
★ Chakras LavaStone Bracelet, Fapeto More Than A Simple Name Random Velvet Drawstring Bag and
★ Tarot or Oracles (Genuines) Deck Selected
► Your chakras will be balanced, and you’ll get pleasant energy. Tarot Lovers and the best present for them. +14 years