Delaluna Answers Oracle Cards: 53 Love Tarot Cards Deck for Beginners, Hidden Truth Affirmations with Gold Embossing for Women, Angel and Fairy Cards with meanings on them, Witchy gifts for Divination

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Easy to Use

The deck encourages creativity and inner exploration, helping you unlock powerful insights about yourself, your relationships, and the world around you. Each card has a word or short phrase for simple understanding.

Love & Relationships

This beautiful set of oracle cards is the perfect way to help you gain insight into your love life. Whether you’re looking for advice on a current relationship, seeking guidance in finding new love, or simply want to get clarity on what’s going on in your heart, these cards have all the answers.

Gold Foil Accent

This Oracle Card Set features gold foil embossing that gives every card a unique, visually pleasing aesthetic. The accented cards capture and reflect the surrounding light beautifully.

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A set of 53 cards focused on answering all your love and relationship questions. Created by top trending and accurate psychic advisor, Delaluna Answers, it allows everyone to develop their own intuition and explore new perspectives. These cards do not require a typical guidebook considering their ease of use for all skill levels, including beginners.
The oracle set was strategically designed to encompass the most frequently asked love questions throughout Delaluna‘s psychic career. A collection of over 12,000 spiritual reading sessions were considered in its development.
This spiritual card deck features an elegant design embellished with gold leaf accented foil. It includes beautiful illustrations of a variety of spiritual favorites such as the moon, astrology, plants, crystals, and candles.
Combine these cards with crystals, tarot decks, affirmation cards, or other divination items for enhanced messages. They are adaptable and accommodating to your reading style.
Cards are encased in a two-piece box for sturdy and safe storage. This love oracle deck is the perfect gift for any spiritualist. Delight your loved ones with a deck that offers insight on relationships and understanding of the heart.
Designed and published by a top accurate psychic specializing in love and relationships. Each oracle card was purposely and strategically created to function for real professional psychic readings.
This deck covers questions like: Will my ex return? What are my person of interest’s feelings toward me? Is our relationship long-term? Am I wasting my time? Are they seeing someone else?