City Tarot Soul’s Journey Tarot Cards, Astrological & Kabbalistic Tarot Deck, Tarot Cards for Beginners, Tarot Cards with guide book, Includes Tarot Course

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Soul’s Journey Tarot was created to give the reader all the elements that embody the Tarot: Symbology, Numerology, ASTROLOGY, and the KABBALAH.
Soul’s Journey Tarot is a 78-card Tarot deck that contains 22 Major Arcana Cards and 56 Minor Arcana Cards. In addition to the 78 cards, the deck contains a booklet with an explanation of cards’ symbols and brief card meanings. The cards are based mainly on the works of ALEISTER CROWLEY’s THOTH TAROT. The secondary symbolism is that of the GOLDEN DAWN tradition.

This deck was originally conceived to help Tarot readers incorporate all aspects of the Tarot: Symbolism, Numerology, Astrology, and the Kabbalah.
The Major Arcana Cards contain Hebrew letters associated with their Kabbalistic paths, in addition to PLANET/ZODIAC SIGN symbols and the four elements (i.e., Fire, Water, Air, Earth). Likewise, small cards contain symbols of planets in zodiac signs, elements and astrological modalities associated with the cards (i.e., Fixed, Cardinal, Mutable).

Following the Kabbalistic Tradition, the COURT CARDS are named King, Queen, Prince, and Princess.
The first three are based on historical personages (i.e., Catherine the Great, Louis XIV, etc.) to allow users to associate them with their character traits. The Princesses are related to mythological figures (i.e., Medusa, Lilith, etc.) to emphasize that what many take to be the earthly domain of the Princesses (Malkut) is our perception of reality. .

Soul’s Journey Deck comes in a MAGNETIC BOX which serves as card STORAGE and makes a beautiful gift.
KABBALISTIC TAROT CARDS – To make your readings in-depth and meaning you need to connect the Tarot to the Kabbalah. Soul’s Journey includes tarot guide with an in-depth guidebook to help you navigate the cards.
TAROT CARDS FOR BEGINNERS – Soul’s Journey Tarot eases the task of reading the court cards. Each of the court cards of the Soul’s Journey Tarot is associated with a historical or mythical character, making it easy to summon up card traits.
LEARN TAROT – Choose from one of the three popular online courses from LEARN TAROT IN A DAY (beginner), TAROT DEEP DIVE (intermediate, includes astrology) or TAROT FINAL FRONTIER (Kabbalah and the Tarot). To enroll in a course, just send an email to with a copy of your Amazon receipt.
TAROT STORAGE BOX – Each Soul’s Journey Deck comes in a beautiful and sturdy magnetic box that serves as a storage for this or any other regular size card deck.
PERFECT GIFT IDEA – Gift these visually stunning tarot cards as a perfect gift for friends, family and loved ones! These high-quality cards can be used as an oracle or a divination tool. They are a perfect birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day gift. Truly an ideal present for people of all ages and lifestyles.