BOUNTYLT Native Spirit Oracle Cards A 44-Card Deck Cards Deck Tarot Oracle Cards Game Can Available Online PDF Guidebook for Family Kids Game

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Product Name:Native Spirit Oracle Card
Segmentation: Oracle Card
Packing: Color box
Applicable Gift-giving Occasions: Holidays, Birthdays
Applicable scene: Chess and Card Entertainment
Size: 10cm*7.5cm
Language: English
Number of sheets: 44-Card Deck
Weight: 120g

Note: No Worries Services, if you are a tarot lover, you won’t regret to buy it as it’s good quality. if you are newer, don’t worry about it, we will provide E-book.Please contact us after purchase The instruction manual is a PDF file. send by email.You can also print it out. This is the reason why our products are cheap, but we mainly do a good job on the quality of the cards. The color of the card is real, the thickness is very thick, strong and durable, and it will not be wrinkled for many times, I wish you a happy use! thankyou!
This deck has imagery that is from their kind of divination. I connected very deeply to this deck and I hope the messages that it gives helps you in your life too. This first week I have received the following message.
This card brings the message that healing energy, vitality and life force energy are flowing through you and to you. You are a healer, even if you’re not aware of this. Whatever needs healing in your life is being resolved. Your past does not equal your future, so what’s happened is gone and you have the cracks that allow the light into your soul and help with the healing.
Your Native Spirit wants you to know – The Wounded Healer is a tradition in native cultures that asserts that some of the greatest healers are those that have gone through hardship and survived, or those that have been wounded deeply and healed. It is believed that these individuals can provide great solace and can instigate profound healing for others.
You may have been wounded in your life, or you may have gone through challenging times, but the roots go deepest where the wind blows strongest. You are a healer in the most profound sense of the word.Whatever in your life needs healing is being addressed on the inner realms. Your strength lies in the difficulties you have overcome.